Milling a Hackerspace Passport Stamp



We got caught with our pants down when a visiting hacker asked us to stamp his Hackerspace Passport. We were embarassed to say we didn't have one. Click on the above photo to see how we made our own stamp on our Dremel-powered CNC Engraver.


Motorized Blinds using RC Car Servos 



Are you tired of those darn blinds that require you to actually get up and manually pull on a cord to open/close/adjust them? Me too, so I decided to motorize my blinds using RC car servos. Click on the above link or the photo to see how I did it.






Well I finally got around to putting the 3D printer to work. Click through to see the results.

CNC Router



We are building a large CNC Router/Bridge Mill. This machine will feature a work envelople of about 7ft x 2.5 ft x 4 inches and ball screws on all axes.  The control system will utilize EMC2 an open source CNC Control system running on Linux.


3D Printed Nerf Gun Ammo Holder


See that black piece of plastic holding 5 rounds? Well, that didn't come with the Nerf gun. Check out how it was made by clicking on the photo...



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