CNC Engraver Sound/Dust Enclosure


We can now use our CNC Engraver in peace thanks to the new Sound and Dust enclosure. This bad boy cost $0 and was made completely of material kicking around the 'space. The reduction of sound level is way better than expected.



The hinge was placed half-way up the right side of the box for several reasons. First it provides unconstrained access to the engraver. If the box just had a door, for example, it would be more difficult to load parts and change bits. Second, the cover rests comfortably on the table when open. There is no stress on the hinges and there is no chance of it accidently closing/falling on the operator. Lastly, because of the hinge position, the left side of the box does not swing out very far to the left like a door or lid would. This gains us usable table space.



                          Closed                                               Opening                                                Open










<p>&nbsp;Nice improvising and Great Job on creative repurposing of materials.</p>