CT Hackerspace Open House Event

Sat, 09/24/2011 - 10:00am to 10:00pm


 Jason Scott, is an American archivist and historian of technology. He
is the creator, owner and maintainer of textfiles.com, a web site
which archives files from historic bulletin board systems. He is also
the creator of a 2005 documentary film about BBSes, "BBS: The
Documentary", and a 2010 documentary film about interactive fiction,

Jason is currently editing the “Two Hands Project”, a film about the
trip and a crew of people willing to bounce around and crash with
Makers and their hackerspaces all over the country. Documenting the
projects they make, and recording the change inducing social movement
that’s spreading across the USA. Maker/Hackerspaces come in all sorts
of packages and flavors, each with it’s own quirks. Figure out how
they tick, what goes on in them, why they are important for the
philosophical and economical reasons. This movie hopes to inspire
people to start their own space, or at least build something awesome.


  • Exhibits
  • Electrolysis for De-Rusting tools & car parts instead of grinding / sanding.
  • Open Source Microcontrollers & Robotics using Arduino exhibits.
  • Hand built 3D Printer / Rapid Prototype Printer demonstrations.
  • Fully Functional CNC Router demonstrations.
  • DIY Make Your Own T-Shirt Screener System.
  • Repurposing Old technology for new uses.
  • DIY Cheese making demonstration.
  • Free Food and Drinks !