Numark dual channel mixer comes to life!

Lee hooked me up with a dual channel numark mixer, not knowing the condition I set up a quick functionality test. I did not have any audio equipment that output/input sound via an RCA cable, only AUX on my laptop, Andriod, and speakers. I found a some AUX cables and some RCA cables at the space, spliced the AUX and RCA cables together and made three pair. I hooked up my Andriod to channel 1 and Bills Andriod to channel 2, wired the numark mixer output to my microphone input on my computer running Ubuntu 10.04, I then wired the speakers we had lying around which used an AUX input to my headphone output on my computer.  Using JACK I forwarded the microphone input to the headphone output. Lo and behold the mixer started spitting out beats!  



<p>&nbsp;I have the 3 sets of the stereo mini phonos to RCA adapters for the gig for you. I'll bring them Wednesday.&nbsp;</p>