Workshop Update

Recent Workshop Updates:

  • Purchased First Aid Kit / Extra gauze / Neosporin to install in space
  • Found an extra vice in my shop stuff to bring in. Someone recently brought up the need and I thought it was a good idea. It's missing the rotating base, but I am confident we can find a creative way to mount it to make it fully functional
  • I have acquired a donation, though solicitation, a working PCb oard for use for some project now or later. (I didn't look at the specs, it looks like a single or dual core AMD)
  • My dad has confirmed he has some 1" thick 1' x 10' shelving to donate to us. When I pick it up, I'm going to construct a 2nd tier storage shelf above the exiting workbenches.
  • Jeff Setaro, current president of Danbury Area Computer Society, has offered a donation of his tabletop grinder for our cause. (Don't forget I have our grinder there now if we need it.)
  • I am picking up a a commercial grade table / workbench Thursday, September 9th, after work and will be bringing it to the space for installation on the window side wall. I could use a hand getting it upstairs, moving it in, and removing the existing sofa.

On the short list: I am looking for sooner, rather than later.

Power bars - (I'm able to also install something if some has romex / boxes / outlets)

Replacement light bulbs for ceiling lights.