First 3d Anaglyph (that works)


Update on the 3D Camera.

I recieved red/cyan glasses, real frames, not paper.  They are from  Amazon for $3.55 shipped . Also purchases a pair of magenta/green glasses for $6.55 on amazon.    I decided to get 2 styles so I would have a fall back if I had issues with the color match on one plus I wanted to see what the differences were in image quality.    So far I really have not made any decisions, but the red/cyan seem to work good when I filter the left image in red, and the right image in green and blue.

I discovered by accident while browsing Kodak Zx1 cameras on ebay, that for $12 I could get  a IR remote for the Kodak Zx1 cameras I have.  I thought this would be great for triggering both cameras at the same instant, it didn't exactly work out that way.  I can trigger both cameras almost, but not exactly at the same instant.  Good enough for still shots.  THere has been a slight lag between the cameras shuttering so I don't think it will work for action shots.  There may be a trick to it but I have just started using it.  It seems odd to me that two identical cameras would behave differently, and I am not sure of the what or why of it.  Overall having the remote is better than having to "thumb" the two cameras simultaneously.

Progress so far:

My first 3d anaglyph:


It works with Red/Cyan glasses.


I made the anaglyph using Blender.  It also works for video but  the complication is getting the right and left video to be matched time wise.  I don't have a good way of synchronizing the right and left video yet.  There is a application called Stereo Movie Maker but I am having file type complications with it and the .mov that the Kodak Zx1 cameras are making.

I am making the anaglyph (3d image) in Blender, specifically the Video Sequence Editor. 


It has been a very new experience for me.  I have never used any software like the VSE.  It uses blocks that process a image or video with "threads" to connect the blocks. 

I found some tutorials that got me along enough to get over the learning hump to making a first image. 

Video Editing in Blender using Video Sequence Editor: Part 1

Blender 3d- Creating Red-Green 3d Anaglyph Images and Videos using Blender's "Node Editor"

Individual blocks will filter, mix, composite, etc.  It is pretty cool stuff, I don't understand much more of it than I learned to get the image out the back end.  Video will be next but I think I have to understand a bit more about what I have to do on what I am recording and how the cameras are aligned.  

I am going to try GIMP out to make an anaglyph but have not got to that yet.

Still an ongoing project.



<p>Very Cool!&nbsp; I busted out my wife's "vintage" Fredy's Dead 3D Glasses and it works well for me.&nbsp; Not so much on my netbook screen but very well on my desktop screen. I look forward to seeing your future work!</p>