Design Concept


The Reprap Control Center will be a web based application to replace the current Reprap host software with additional features added for remote monitoring and continuous printing. The main difference at the moment between a 2d printer and 3d printer is the ability to automatically preform continuous printing. Additional 2d printing models such as printing queues, priorities and remote printing will also be inherited. 


Provide a way to continuously print

As the number of users increase it will be unrealistic to assume that a user that wishs to print something to physically come to the space and wait inline until the machine is available. This design eliminates this problem and will allow users to add the print job to the queue with an estimated time of when the job will be done and ready for pick up.

Remotely submit a job for printing

The web interface will allow users to connect to the local network via VNC and access the Control Center remotely. The User will then upload their STL file or other compatible format. Based on the Reprap API the User will then be promted with the estimated time it will take to print there object. The Control Center will also display a queue of the total jobs to be printed with a total estimated time of when the Users object will be printed.

Remotely monitor printing

The Reprap will be monitored with a small video camera so the progress of a printing job can be viewed remotely.

Remotely kill a job

Administrators or the owner of the current job being printed will have the ability to kill the job. This may result in the User viewing the progress of the job through the video camera and notice something malfunction in which they feel the need to terminitate the job all together.

Control user printing quotas

The Control Center will provide a means to place quotas on the quanity of platic and time used on the reprap to prevent the Reprap from being abused.  If the User exceeds there time quota they may recieve a lower priority than other users that are the queue that have not had a change to print. However if the User exceeds there quanity quota they will always have the option to buy or supply more plastic to reset there quantity quota.

Control printing priority

The administrator may adjust jobs to have a higher priority. Jobs that may receive higher priority include but not limited to objects needed for group projects, objects that are being printed to sell in the name of CT Hackerspace as funding to run and operate the Reprap, etc.

Scheduled jobs

There may be situations were it will be valueable to have scheduled or routine jobs.