Parts for phase 1 of the repstrap ordered!

Phase 1 will allow us to be able to start working with the reprap software and get all of the electronics/motors in place. Here is a break down of what was purchased:


4 stepper motors - $36.00

Type 103H5208-0842 or -1241

Sanyo Denki

STEPPER MOTOR, 1.8 deg  200 steps/rev when full-stepping


1.6 or 2.0 ohm motors

Current per Phase:          1.2A unipolar  1A bipolar
External Depth:                39mm
External Length / Height: 42mm
External Width:                42mm
Frame Size:                     17
Holding Torque:               unipolar 42.48 oz/inch  (0.3N-m)  bipolar 55.23 oz/inch (.39N-m)


Reprap electronics kit - $218.75

1.Motherboard v1.2 x 1
2.Extruder Controller v2.2 x 1
3.Stepper Motor Driver v2.3 x 3
4.OptoEndstop v2.1  x 3
5.NTC 100K Thermistor (Beta=3990) x 1
6.Nichrome Wire (6-ohm length)   x 1
7.USB2TTL FT232RL with cable adapted for reprap motherboard   x 1
8.Accessories    x 1 Pack

Power supply - $26.75