Materials (old design but electronics are still valid)

Item Price # Source Phase Comments
 RepRap Motherboard v1.2  59.00 1  Makerbot 1  
 Extruder Controller v2.2  50.00 1  Makerbot/ebay 1

 Currently out of stock.

Found it on ebay for $48

Stepper Motor Drivers v2.3  35.00 3 Makerbot 1  Includes cables. This was set at 3 but do we need another for the extruder? The extruder control board will handle the motor control as well as the heater.
Microcontroller -- sanguino  45.00  0    

 Having trouble finding distributors for non-kits.

Update: doesnt matter, included in the reprap motherboard

Microcontroller -- arduino mega  65.00 0 Sparkfun  

 Do we need a Arduino variant if we get the Makerbot Rep Rap motherboard?The *uino's all use the same code, but there I/O pins, speed and other specs are different. Mega is the best at the moment so I think we should be ok.

Correction, motherboard has built in sanguino.

Opto Endstop v2.1  5.00 6  Makerbot 1  2 for each axis (Home & End) More Info:
 ATX  Power Supply  35.00  1   1  
Power Transmission          
 Stepper Motors  24.00 4  Makerbot 1 Nema 17 13.7 N-cm (that is 1400 g-cm or 19.4 oz-in) 3Axis + Extruder. More Info:
precision acme threaded rod      mcmaster,donated?   1-for each axis.  length?
threaded rod nuts      mcmaster    
rod pillow block   6 mcmaster/fabricate   support both sides of threaded rods
shaft coupling   3 mcmaster/fabricate   1for each rod to motor assembly
linear motin( bearings/guide rails/etc..)   3 80/20,mcmaster, etc   quantity in respect ro assembly
 Nichrome wire  10.00 1  Various Sources   Optionally
 Thermistor  5.00 1  Makerbot    100K Thermistor
 Barrel   1  Fabricate    Material Cost Only which is minimal
Insulator   1 Fabricate    Material Cost Only which is minimal (Use Peek)
Extruder (Geared Printed parts)  40.00 1 Ebay/Other   We could probably fabricate
 Highly dependent on design (Entering a rough estimate)  150.00  1  Various    A lot of fabrication cost for materials and components. Need further breakdown once design is stable.
 motor mounts    3  fabricate, laser cut    how the stepper motors will attach to the frame
tool attachment mount   1 fabricate,laster cut   initially this is the mount for securing the extruder to the z-axis, however we need to make it flexible enough and come up with a standard on how tools will be interchanged whether to cut, extrude, etc...
ABS(Natural)  45.00 1 Makerbot 5Lb reel   Smaller Reels Avail as well.


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Phase 1 includes purchasing the neccessary supplies to be able to have a computer communicate with the motherboard. This includes the motherboard, extruder, motor drivers, opto endstops, power supply and stepper motors which comes to a total of ~$375.


 While we work to get the electroncis working we can start assembling the parts for the frame and linear bearings.

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I may have an old acer laptop to dedicate to the project. The screen is fried, but if the VGA works it may be a possible candidate..

Was able to shave a little off the price, found and ebay kit here. That puts phase 1 at ~$340