Raspberry Pi Project Box



I can't let Jeff have all the fun with a Raspberry Pi. I'm starting to gather materials to build an all inclusive Raspberry Pi Project Box. The plan is to have an Raspberry Pi Experimenter Lab that is compact, portable and self powered (if needed)

I'm still in collection mode, pulling together possible parts.

Parts So Far:

Repurposed (again) Plano Tackle Box (I have had this tackle box for almost 30 years. Every decade it seems to get another purpose)

G2G Gear 5-Inch 960 x 234 TFT Display from an aftermarket Automotive Headrest.

   Close up of A / V

Parts from a Belkin Residential Gateway Battery Backup :


The Plan is build a 12 volt power base in the bottom of the tackle box that can be plugged into 110 volt AC when available, and have the ability to operate on a standalone 12 volt battery when no power is available. 12 volt was selected as it would be the easiest to interface to the G2G TFT Display
and still have the ability to drop down in voltage for use on the Pi. Standard connectors are going to be used wherever possible and hard wiring is going to be avoided. Since this is an experimental box, we want to keep rewiring on the fly as easy as possible for easy removal and fast reconfiguration. Plans are to also include an embedded I/O breadbord for more intricate work.

Still in search of:

  • Appropriate Keyboard & Mouse.
  • Mounting jacks for box
  • Materials for customizing box. 







Project Status: 
Build Team: