My Current Raspberry Pi set-up

 Although I have not had as much time to mess around with my Raspberry Pi as I would like, I have come up with a set-up that allows me to work with it a little more easily. I had found that I was avoiding working with the Pi because I didn't have a monitor that accepted composite video or HDMI in a place that was conducive to working with the Pi.  Recently while trolling the electronics area at the local dump, I came across a display with built in speakers that I believe was intended for use with the Play Station 2. 


As you can see from the picture above, the screen size is quite small. The picture clarity is actually quite good though.  I will have to say that this is not an ideal set-up; I would not attempt to hack on the Pi for hours at a time using this but it does fill my current need to have something small and portable that I can set-up quickly. So far, I have set-up two SD cards; one with a Debian install and a second with the OpenElec distribution which provides XBMC. 


 OpenELEC XBMC Main Screen


Future plans include possibly hacking the case of this display to fit the Raspberry Pi inside. I also expect to start working with the GPIO on the Pi to see what fun can be had. I actually wish that I had two of these as I would likely set one up semi-permanently as a set-top unit with XBMC while keeping a second around for general hacking.