Off the Grid / Grid Down Communications Workshop

Sat, 10/04/2014 - 9:00am to Sun, 10/05/2014 - 4:00pm

 Off the Grid / Grid Down Communications Workshop

This is rare opportunity to get informed, and prepped with useful, practical, need to know knowledge

A General Class Ham Radio Licence is suggested but by no means a prerequisite.

Oct 4th & 5th, at  CT Hackerspace

  • $200 for the weekend long course and materials
  • *Free* for CT Hackerspace Members


Be ready to learn a whole bunch! The instructional staff is going to be giving out a lot of information in this intense and quick-paced class at a level of instruction that can't be duplicated in a book or blog.

The class will revolve around the basics of low power/qrp/covert operation with low-profile/improvised antennas, and communications monitoring focused for VHF/UHF COMINT. It will consist of classroom instruction and a field training exercise (FTX). The FTX will be held *rain or shine*. Dress and equip yourself appropriately. It is strongly advised that the attendee have at least a general class ham license, as HF operation will be involved. If you don't have a general license, you can do a COMINT/monitoring track on the Sunday FTX. you will ALSO receive a copy of the new book "Grid-Down Communications."

Topics to be discussed will include:

Considerations for III%er/Grid-Down Communications

Equipment Selection

Improvised Antennas

Low Profile/Covert Operations

Basic Cryptographic Systems and Techniques

Non-Radio Communications Options

IFF (Identification Friend/Foe) and Interoperability System Considerations

Basic Improvised Surveillance/Security Systems - Off The Shelf Solutions

VHF/UHF Communications Monitoring/COMINT (Communications Intelligence)
Equipment and Systems

Basic COMINT and COMINT Analysis

Registration cost for this course $200. Early bird registration is $175. Course fees are non-refundable, but if you've paid and can't make it for whatever reason you can take a later course or have someone take the course in your place. If the course gets cancelled by the instructor,you get a full refund by whatever means you paid (Paypal or MO). Hotel, travel, and meal arrangements/expenses are the responsibility of the course attendee.

Click here to pay via Paypal ( ) or send Postal Money Order to:

Homestead Design Works
PO Box 96
Plymouth, CT 06782

If paying via MO, please indicate the location "CT Hackerspace - Watertown" you are attending and include your email so the instructor can send you a confirmation.