List of equipment available at CT Hackerspace (in addition to general hand tools and work surfaces...)


CNC Engraver - This gem has a 4x4in cutting area and primarily used to cut circuit boards and stamps.


Electronics Workbench - all set up with soldering stations, oscilloscopes, multimeters and powers supplies.


Arduino Station - This workstation has a dedicated computer and arduino set up and ready to go. In addition, there are a bunch of motors, potentiometers, servos, switches and the such waiting so there is no reason why you shouldn't work on your arduino project.


Bridgeport Milling Machine with Digital Readout


Drill Press, drill bit station and hardware bins


Large Metal Lathe


Metal Shaper


Large Air Compressor


Deburring Wheel, looks a little hokey because we made it but it works awesome and will be your best friend when it removes the sharp burrs from your part!


Grinding Wheels


Hole Tapping Machine - keeps your tapped holes perpendicular to the part face


Small Arbor Press


One of two Power Hacksaws


Media Blast Cabinet


Small Lathe (primarily used for pen making)


Radial Arm Saw


Table Saw - an oldie but a goodie


Band Saw


Sander and one of two Miter Saws


Scroll Saw




Active Project: CNC Router - 3 x 7ft cutting area - This will be done relatively soon...