CNC Router - Large Format


CT Hackerspace is building a fairly large CNC Router/Bridge Mill.  This is the project page where information on this project can be found. Please watch our calendar for informaiton on scheduled workshops focused on building this machine.To Follow is a quick list of the actions/sub-projects necessary to get this machine running and cutting chips:  Project Actions/Sub-ProjectsActionStatusMaterials RequiredMembers Interested/Working OnFabricate Router MountComplete  Rich, MattDesign and Fabricate FrameNot Started Structural Steel/Aluminum Specify, Design, Build, Install Control ElectronicsNot StartedBreak Out Board, Stepper DriversWiring Design and Fabricate Work Surface/Hold DownsNot StartedAluminum, Steel, MDF Build Sound Proof EnclosureNot StartedLumber, Insulation Etc   Mock-up of X Axis Bridge mounted on the 2 Y-Axis Linear Bearing/Ball Screw AssembliesY Axis Linear Bearing/Ball Screw Actuator Assembly Mock-up In the photo above we have a quick mock-up of how one of the Y Axis modular linear bearing/ball screw actuator assemblies will be put together. The machine will feature 2 of these assemblies, each supporting 1 side of the X-Axis bridge.

Project Picture: 
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A quick look at some of the electronics for the Large format router coming together. This is the Parallel Port Breakout board that I finished assembling this week. 


The ribbon cable splits then attaches to each axis stepper driver board. 

Top view showing voltage regulator circuit and relay driver circuit.