CNC Engraver/Mini Mill

 I think I am now at the point wher I can deem the Mini CNC Mill/Engraver operational again.  We had the machine functioning well imediately after the build was complete using a borrowed control set-up but that stepper driver set has since gone back to its owner. In the time sense, I have been working on a "universal" stepper driver/parallel port break out board set up that could be use for this machine. I have had a few issues to troubleshoot but I feel as though I can now say that my "universal' stepper driver/break out board is functional with this machine. 

Members that have been interested in using this machine should contact me for instructions on how to operate it with my stepper driver/break out board. For those that are intersted in using it but currently have no CNC programming experience, I am considering holding a workshop to introduce people to the basics of CNC operation.  Anyone interested in such a workshop should contact me as well so that we can firm up plans for this workshop.


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I would be interested in instruction and/or a workshop if so offered.