Bulldozer Toddler Bed Project

Finished toddler bed

The need for a toddler bed recently arose due to my nearly two year old son deciding that he would no longer sleep in a crib. My wife and I looked breifly for beds to purchase when I stumbled upon this while googling "Jeep Toddler Beds". I like Jeeps and my son likes trucks in general so I figured that I could indulge both our interests simultaneously. Then I stumbled upon the bulldozer bed... Damn, I knew that he'd like that even more.

After looking at the beds for a while it began to nag at me how simple the construction would be, and they could be simplified even further and still retain the essence of Jeep and bulldozer. After obtaining permission from my wife I decided that I could make one of these myself though I would need to hurry as my son kept rolling off of the crib mattress that we placed on the floor for him to sleep on in the meantime.

Being a CAD geek I modeled both the Jeep and the bulldozer in Solidworks using a common frame. The idea being that down the road I could turn the dozer into a Jeep or change it mid-project if my son decided he wanted a Jeep before it was done. Below is a picture of the CAD model of the dozer. 

CAD Model

 Thanks to the new addition of a Delta Unisaw to the hackerspace' equipment list I was easily able to rip the boards. I then used the radial-arm saw to cut them to length, and combination of bandsaw, holesaw, jigsaw and router to cut the curved features.

Ripped to width
Jeep/Bulldozer Grill

 I then used a Kreg pocket hole jig to assemble the pieces togther.

Body assembled

After using the router to round the corners came much sanding, priming, more sanding, and many coats of yellow paint. I outlined the tracks using a black Sharpie because I was too impatient to wait for black paint to dry. It was tedious and doesn't cover quite as well as paint, but it worked well enough. As you can see below, the end user had no complaints about the paint job or any of the other oopsies that I made.


If you look at the CAD model you will see cogs on the tracks that were omitted from the final build. I intend to cut those using the CNC router, once I figure out how to run it, and attach them with wood screws. There is a good chance that I will never get around to doing that as my son seems satisfied with it as is, but maybe I'll get ambitious.



The bed looks great and you definitely have a satisfied customer!