The Next CT Hackerspace Meeting - 6/30/2010 at The Freight Street Gallery

Wed, 06/30/2010 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Our next meeting, 6/30/2010, will once again  be hosted by The Freight Street Gallery , 170 Freight St, Waterbury CT, convenient from Routes 8 & 84.  We will go from 6:00-9:00 with the 6:00-7:00 hour as open/social time. We will also be able to go later than 9:00 if we need to.

We expect to spend a portion of this meeting brushing up on our soldering skills so please feel free to bring your iron and something to practice on. Also please chime in if you have some thoughts on a good soldering practice project with parts that can be cobbled together on short notice.  

The full agenda will be posted shortly as will the meeting minutes.



I ordered a handful of beginner soldering kits( that produce variable blinky lights) tonight in *hope* that they will arrive by Wednesday. Its always rewarding to have something work at the end of a lesson. If you would like a kit, reimbursement to cover the cost is four bucks. Bring backup toys in case the kits do not arrive.

In addtion to my soldering iron and accesories, I am bringing one addition plug in iron for use, as well as my butane iron in case someone wants some hands on with a portable gas powered iron.

Also dont forget to bring a set of "helping hands" if you have them. That helps too!




UPDATE : The Projects were shipped out Monday - HOPEFULLY they will get here by Wednesday.

Tracking :

Thanks for ordering those Bill!  If you get them in time, I wll certainly take one.  I am thinking of bringing some de-soldering work that will allow us to harvest some cool parts for other projects.  I have a few other things in mind as well. Having a bunch of stuff to pick from would be awesome.