On TV Tonight! CT Hackerspace appearing on CPTV's "All Things Connecticut"

Thu, 02/23/2012 - 8:00pm to 8:30pm

ON TV Tonight!  : CT Hackerspace featured on CPTV's All Things Connecticut. Airs Tonight at 8 PM. (Replays Friday 8:30 PM & Sunday 10:30 AM) EST 



Congratulations; I just saw Hackerspace on CPTV.  It's a wonderful concept, like a Kaboom! (kaboom.org) play promotion program for bigger kids who don't play enough these days.  All Things Connecticut is a class act, and Cristina DeFranco is very pleasant on Facebook and savvy on TV with her Treading Lightly reports so crucial for Connecticut's future. She and her associates are great at digging up the offbeat and fascinating, especially the unexpected, all of which Hackerspace was upon learning about it for the first time.  The rewarding aspect is that everything they share is accessible by us Nutmeg Yankees.I hope to drop in soon just for the Hack of it.  I have machines 'n' stuff, my family says I have to get a lot of junk I mean treasure out of the house, and I am good at taking things apart (my skill ends before the putting- them- back- together part).--dave