EMC2 - CNC Control of a "dead" dot matrix printer.

Sorry for the poor video quality, I was trying to catch the first run on hooking up a junked Toshiba P351 dot matrix printer.  It is being controlled with a old Pentium 3 computer running EMC2 (linuxcnc.org), through the use of 2 stepper motor control boards using the parallel port of the computer.   I improvised a quick pen holder.  The holder can't pull the pen up between letters, which is why there are lines between letters.  This was just a quick and dirty setup to have some fun while testing out the stepper motors in the printer to see if they were worth saving for another TBD project.




<p>Awesome! - I&nbsp;take it all of the printer's original control circuitry has been discconnected and you are running the steppers directly from the Stepper Controllers hooked up to the EMC2 controller.</p><p>Did it take much fiddling to get the "rotary axis" calibrated?</p><p>Great Job!</p>

<p>You are right, the control circuitry is totally pulled out, and the driving control is from emc2 through 2 step and direction stepper motor driver boards.&nbsp; I put up a post in the forum under projects to start showing what I&nbsp;have been using to make this setup.</p><p>Didn't take much fiddling to get the carriage roller calibrated, but I did cheat it by measuring the travel and putting in a scaling ratio number to make it work.</p>

<p>Awesome! A hack like this may make a great addition at any public exposition we have for CT&nbsp;Hackerspace as well</p>

<p>It or some version of it will be available for anything you need.&nbsp; I was imagining that it would be really cool to make a reprap totally out of "junk" like this!&nbsp; So, if you come across any more dot matrix printers you know what we can do with them.</p>