Google App Inventor - Learning Together

I am looking to see the interest level for a new event at CT Hackerspace to learn about Google App Inventor for the Android platform. The concept is an open invite to all those interested in learning about building mobile apps for the Android platform using Google App Inventor. All skill levels will be welcome; Those who know absolutely nothing about using App inventor can receive help on getting the App inventor installed and operating on their computer and those who have more experience can share and showcase their knowledge.

I envision this as a regular event that will occur on a regular interval provided there is a consistent interest and attendance. If you are interested in this, please post a comment  Here  along with any ideas you may have on subject as well as specific days of the week that will be best for you. I will firm up a schedule as soon as a reasonable level of interest has been established.



<p>Count me in. I signed up months ago for my account but never followed through any further. Sounds great. Count me in.</p>