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Numark dual channel mixer comes to life!

Lee hooked me up with a dual channel numark mixer, not knowing the condition I set up a quick functionality test. I did not have any audio equipment that output/input sound via an RCA cable, only AUX on my laptop, Andriod, and speakers. I found a some AUX cables and some RCA cables at the space, spliced the AUX and RCA cables together and made three pair.


Installing Win7 with an exisiting Ubuntu installation

Sometimes you have no option but to install Windows on a separate partition rather than running it in a VM. One of the main reasons would be when you need Windows to access external devices and speed is a of crucial importance.


First Arduino Workshop!

The week of October 18th - 22nd will be our first Arduino workshop.  This workshop will include but not limited to:

  • an overview of the different boards
  • an introduction to the Arduino IDE
  • a tutorial on configuring Eclipse to sketch your board
  • sketching a Hello World!

If you are interested in attending this workshop please email us at contact@cthackerspace.com or comment below to let us know which days during that week work best for you.Thanks!


Some Experiences @ Maker Faire Sept 25th 2010

 I was able to attend the Maker Faire in NYC this past Saturday and could not believe how much stuff was going.  The whole 3d printing community was there along with other inventors and makers alike. Lets just say I felt at home.  In the far corner of the Faire next to the "Bar" was the Jet Pony. It was pretty hard not to find considering every 15 minutes or so this contraption would be ignited and could be heard from about a mile away. Once the rockets were lit we had to take a couple steps back because of the immense heat being generated. It was like a steam punk Harry Potter ride.


RepRap electronics pass all tests!

After a great deal of troubleshooting I pin pointed the cause of the errors being reported in the host software.

It began with continuing our electronics test of the extruder, I was getting the following error from the host software


CT Hackerspace now accepting membership applications!

Visit the link here, or click Membership from the menu to apply for membership.


R2C2 - RepRap host software embedded as an applet

I have made a great deal of progress with R2C2 (RepRap Control Center). After a bit of hacking I was able to get the RepRap host software converted into an applet.


Parts for phase 1 of the repstrap ordered!

Phase 1 will allow us to be able to start working with the reprap software and get all of the electronics/motors in place. Here is a break down of what was purchased:


4 stepper motors - $36.00

Type 103H5208-0842 or -1241


RepStrap frame and linear motion with 80/20

 Shown is a rough sketch of a Repstrap design using 80/20. It utilizes 80/20s linear motion with the single unibearing system. The main reasoning behind using 80/20 is to construct a flexible system that we can easily modify and build upon. It will also give us the knowledge needed to build a larger systems.

The size is 24''x24''x18''(wxlxh)

The current design is ~ $ 180  which can be further reduced by decreasing the size. Check back for further details.




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