Pen Turning Workshop


The Pen Turning Workshop held on 13-April-2014 was a great success. Participants spent a few minutes practicing shaping wood on a lathe using a chisel. Once feeling comfortable with their skills, each person moved on to shaping rectangular pieces of wood and into pen-shaped pieces. These pieces were assembled with the mechanical parts of a pen. The finished products from this workshop are below. Not only do they look great, the makers can be proud showing off their woodworking prowess.



When your tools are too big to carry up the stairs....

I have been working with my Atlas/Clausing CNC mill quite a bit lately and remembered that  the process of moving the machine into the building was far more compex than anything I will likely do to the machine while it is in the building . I will share some of the photos (as soon as I can find them) but for now wanted to get this story down while I was thinking of it.


NOW AVAILABLE - Limited Edition CT Hackerspace Hoodie

 As part of our 2014 fundraiser, CT Hackerspace is offering this Limited Edition Gildan Brand Hoodie in Classic Black featuring the Official CT Hackerspace Logo on the front. Your purchase today helps support the CTH community to continue our efforts moving forward. Order now at



UnBoxing of the 3Doodler a 3D printing pen

Last week, our member Art recieved his kickstarter funded project of the 3Doodler a prototype of the worlds first 3D priniting pen - like a freestyle 3D printer. He did the unboxing at our space last week. It will the spotlighted 1/29 Open Space Night.




As an organization, we are still hit and miss on covering monthly
expenses. As time goes on year after year, every month that we miss
budget has caused us to dip into our savings over the last few years.
Unfortunately, we are missing more than we are hitting and our
reserves are running CRITICALLY LOW.


Afinia H-Series Printer Review



As much as I love building machines and tinkering with stuff, sometimes it's worth it to me to buy a full working product. I wanted a 3D printer but wasn't really satisfied with the performance of self built units that I've seen around.


CTH wins the first Hackaday HHH CNC Contest

Congratulations to CT Hackerspace in winning the first Hackaday Hackerspace Henchmen series. asked hackerspace members to send in stories about CNC hacks. Thanks to all members who contributed in bulding our CNC, and thanks to Rich for submitting CTH's CNC into the running.  CTHackerspace gets the top spot having sent in the story of their desktop CNC mill hacks. He gets a $50 gift card to the parts vendor of his choosing. 


CT Hackerspace featured on Hack-A-Day as part of the "Hackaday Hackerspace Henchmen" Series

The latest Hackaday Hackerspace Henchmen entry comes from [Bremster] and the Connecticut Hackerspace. He mentions that he’s been meaning to write about the PCB/engraving mill used at the hackerspace for some time, but it was the HHH program which motivated him to do so.

Photos of Mini Mill


Thank you Everyone!

 Thank you Everyone!I wanted to thank everyone who participated and assisted in the many aspects of the 3D Printer Madness Workshop and Party.It was a great success and I received some very positive feedback by some people who attended. I look forward to scheduling the next event.Thank you again everyone in making the day and event a great success.Best Regards,Bill


Bulldozer Toddler Bed Project

Finished toddler bed
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